How to choose the best fabric for your sportswear

After seeing this video (or reading the post below), you will be able to read a label and know if you are paying for a quality product or for the company’s advertising/famous actress, etc.

Heeeeello everyone!

I decided to make this live facebook video and now create this blog post to talk about the main differences between the polyamide fabric (called supplex in Brazil… also known as nylon) and the polyester fabric (used in the most athletic wear sold in the USA).

Here are the main differences (in my opinion)…

1 —> SMELL

Polyester fabric is able to absorb oil and not water. Our body odors are oil based, so they stick to the fabric and doesn’t let go. After you wash your polyester sportswear, it may smell nice and clean, but once you go back to the gym and the fabric warms up again, that smell is back again.
Polyamide fabric doesn’t absorb oil, so when you wash your clothing the smell goes away completely.


Polyamide fabrics tend to have a better feel, because they have softer and more flexible fibers. This softness is because they were initially designed as an alternative for silk.

Polyamide lasts a LOT longer than polyester.

Polyesters are stretch-resistant. They will stretch because most of the time they have some spandex mixed into the fabric, but a lot of polyester fabric will stretch at least double… so if you do competitions where in a season you are “bigger” than other, the polyamide fabric will feel more comfortable to you because it will stretch to you body and not “resist”.. also woman that are gaining weight (pregnant woman, etc). I worn my polyamide leggings all through my pregnancy and didn’t purchase one single pair of maternity leggings.

Here is some pictures of me… (oh! How much I miss my pregnant belly!!!)

Polyamides are also more stain- and wrinkle-resistant as compared to polyesters.

3 —> PRICE

The high strength-flexibility combo for the polyamide (supplex – nylon) drives up their cost. So… next time you purchase your sportswear online or in any local store, make sure you read the label! A lot of times you will find a polyester leggings that cost $100-$150 and a polyamide (supplex) legging for half the price… please now you are paying for the company’s advertising, for that famous actress that is the spokes model for the brand, etc and NOT for quality!

Leave me any comments below, any questions you may have or anything to add to this info! I would LOVE to hear from you!


One thought on “How to choose the best fabric for your sportswear

  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Vanessa. One of the most important things to consider while buying sportswear is the fabric. The best sportswear is when it absorbs sweat, is durable, comfortable and highly stretchable all while being a fashion statement. Moreover, wearing the proper sportswear is extremely important, as it also affects your efficiency and performance while training.

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