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Five healthy habits to live by

Lifestyle habits in adulthood may increase women’s life expectancy by 14 years, men gain 12 BY Karen Feldscher Maintaining five healthy habits — eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol, and not smoking — during adulthood may add more than a decade to life expectancy, according […]

If Your Period’s Out of Whack This Month, the Eclipse Might Be Why

From Marie Claire In ancient times, women whose periods were in sync would go into a menstrual hut or “moon lodge” and sit together and bleed. As the name suggests, these all-female hangouts tended to coincide with the full moon. Over thousands of centuries, astrologers have maintained that the movement of celestial bodies has significant […]

Peanut-Allergy Breakthrough

Peanut-allergy breakthrough

A breakthrough Melbourne-made treatment that is providing a long-term cure for children with a deadly peanut allergy may soon be widely available. Two out of three children who received experimental peanut-probiotic treatment four years ago, can still freely eat peanuts today. “These children have been eating peanut freely in their diet without having to follow any particular […]